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American Recovery Reinvestment Act (ARRA) User Support Website

Welcome to the American Recovery Reinvestment Act User Support Web Site

This page contains templates needed for quarterly reporting and instructions on how to use them. Reports are due to Office of Policy and Management after the submission and validation of the Quarterly OMB Report to the Federal Reporting Government website. Contact information for questions or help are contained in the reporting instructions.


ARRA Award Template

ARRA Contract Template

ARRA Financial Template

ARRA Metric Template (new 5/12/2011)

ARRA Non OMB Award Template (new 3/30/2011)

ARRA Reporting Instructions (updated 6/9/2011)

Reporting Procedures Presentation


Federal Reporting Government website (new window)

Tumbleweed Secure Server (new window)

CT Recovery (new window)

Security Form

Mass Agency Updates  Excel spreadsheet

Complete the Mass Agency Update form to add the two roles:  CT_E_ARRA_CRYSTAL and CT_E_ARRA_REPORTING.

Once completed, forward  the mass agency form (CO-1092-Addendum)  OPM Kelly Clark via Email:

or by mail to:

Office of Policy and Management
Office of Finance
450 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT. 06106
Attn: Kelly Clark