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DATE:   06/30/2020

Change to Vendor Name Short Field

Following the changes made in the Core-CT Financial Accounts Payable module yesterday, the same changes were applied in EPM.  Going forward, data in the Vendor Short Name (VENDOR_NAME_SHORT) field in EPM reporting tables will contain a combination of the supplier's name and the last 4 digits of the taxpayer id number (TIN).

USER IMPACT - For any Private queries that include the VENDOR_NAME_SHORT field, Users will need to re-save their queries by following the directions below:

a. Open/Edit the query
b. If an Error Message Appears, Click 'OK'
c. Click 'Save'

All impacted Public Queries (CT_CORE%) have been updated by the EPM Team. Agency-specific Public Queries will need to be re-saved by an agency Public Query user. If you need any assistance, please log a Help Desk ticket for the EPM Team.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Expiration Date:   08/31/2020)

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