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Agency CodeAgency NameCore-CT Help Desk Log In Instructions
AESAgriculture Experiment Station
APAAuditors of Public Accounts
APTAirport Authority
BAABoard for Academic Awards
BOPBoard of Parole
BORBoard of Regents
BPDBoard of Pardons
CCCCommunity Colleges
CCYCommision on Children
CDADevelopment Authority
CEQEnvironmental Quality Council
CHCHistorical Commission
CIIInnovations Inc
CJCCriminal Justice
CLCLottery Corp
CMEChief Medical Examiner
COACommission on Aging
CPCChild Protection
CRDCapitol Regional Development Auth.
CSBContracting Standards Board
CSCSiting Council
CSLState Library
CSUState Universities
CSWStatus of Women Commission
CTFChildren's Trust Fund
DASAdministration Services
DCCConsumer Counsel
DCFChildren & Families
DCJCriminal Justice
DCPConsumer Protection
DCSConstruction Services
DDSDevelopment Services
DEPEnergy & Environmental Protection
DHEHigher Education
DMVMotor Vehicles
DPHPublic Health
DPSEmergy Services & Public Protection
DRSRevenue Services
DSSSocial Services
DVAVeterans' Affairs
ECDEconomic & Community Development
FPEFirearm Permit Examiners Board
GOVGovernor's Office
HCAHealth Care Access
HFAHousing & Financial Authority
HROHuman Rights & Opportunities
IRMInsurance & Risk Management
JUDJudicial Branch
LGOLieutenant Governor's Office
LPRLatino & Puerto Rican Affairs
MCOHealthcare Advocate
MHAMental Health & Addiction Services
OAGAttorney General
OCCClaims Commissioner's Office
OECEarly Childhood
OGAGovernment Accountability
OLMLegislative Management
OPAProtection & Advocacy
OPMPolicy & Management
OSCComptroller's Office
OTTTreasurer's Office
PCAProbate Court Administration
PDSPublic Defender Services
PRBProperties Review Board
PRCCapitol Preservation & Restoration
PSRPsychiatric Security Review
PUCPublic Utility Control
SDRRehabilitation Services
SMCMarshall Commission
SOSSecretary of the State
SSMSoldiers,Sailors & Marines
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board
UHCUconn Health Center
UOCUniversity of Connecticut
WCCWorker's Compensation