Core-CT Teams

Core Team: EPM/Security

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Yabrosky, Mary (860) 702-3677EPM/Security LeadDAS
Hawkins, Brett (860) 702-3430EPMDAS
Flores, Nayda (860) 702-3531SecurityOSC
Douglas, Tracy (860) 702-3530SecurityOSC
Germain, Jeanne (860) 702-3682DevelopmentDAS
Rice, Mary (860) 702-3634DevelopmentDAS

Core Team: Financials

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Braga, Donna (860) 702-3398Financials Team LeadOSC
Sullivan, Ed (860) 702-3654Development ManagerOSC
Poulter, Randy (860) 702-3687Development ManagerOSC
Abraham, Saji (860) 702-3338DevelopmentOSC
Benson, Scott (860) 702-3369DevelopmentDAS
Brewer, James (860) 702-3399DevelopmentOSC
Coda-Klein, Lynn (860) 702-3516DevelopmentOSC
Dam, Uyen (860) 702-3520DevelopmentOSC
Dave, Janak (860) 702-3522DevelopmentOSC
Dion, Leeann (860) 702-3529DevelopmentOSC
Greider, Jerry (860) 702-3551DevelopmentOSC
Mahatme, Swati (860) 702-3684DevelopmentOSC
Maior, Elena (860) 702-3573DevelopmentOSC
Phillips, Denise (860) 702-3686DevelopmentOSC
Tuttle, Glenn (860) 702-3667DevelopmentOSC
McKenna, Brianne (860) 702-3581Accounts Payable LeadOSC
Bonola, David (860) 702-3390Asset Management LeadOSC
Marchese, Chris (860) 702-3577Billing/ Accounts Receivable LeadOSC
Hoang, Vanessa (860) 702-3559Customer Contracts/Grants LeadOSC
Bryant, Kathi (860) 702-3412Training/Help Desk Level 2 LeadOSC
Bello-Persson, Maty (860) 702-3692Billing/Accounts ReceivableOSC
Bucchere, Shaun (860) 702-3417Level 2 Help DeskOSC
Reutter, Shanon (860) 702-3631Level 2 Help DeskOSC
Soucy, Bonnie (860) 702-3651Project Costing LeadOSC
Bonola, Kathleen M. (860) 702-3396eProcurement LeadOSC
Beaulieu, Steven (860) 702-3359Inventory LeadOSC
Guarino, Dustin (860) 702-3555Inventory and FIN securityOSC
Camara, Noreen (860) 702-3448Purchasing LeadOSC
Guilmartin, Brian (860) 702-3557Pcard/SCMT LeadOSC
Owusu, Zakiah (860) 702-3593Training/General LedgerOSC
Morelli, Mary (860) 702-3589Web DevelopmentOSC

Core Team: HRMS

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Thibedeau, Belinda (860) 702-3665HRMS Team LeadDAS
Anania, Tony (860) 702-3679DevelopmentOSC
Chen, Jean (860) 702-3691DevelopmentOSC
Gibson, Rodney (860) 702-3536DevelopmentOSC
Madda, Suneetha (860) 702-3385DevelopmentOSC
Mayo, Johnny (860) 702-3580DevelopmentOSC
Quesada, Russwyn (860) 702-3628DevelopmentOSC
Soto, Moises (860) 702-3648DevelopmentDAS
Wehner, David (860) 702-3675DevelopmentOSC
Mitchell, Tamika (860) 702-3584Benefits LeadOSC
Chu, Susan (860) 702-3491BenefitsOSC
Atkinson, Deb (860) 702-3356HR and Time and Labor LeadDAS
Godin, Lisa (860) 702-3683HRDAS
Catania, Cheryl (860) 702-3459HRDAS
Jensen, Rosemarie (860) 702-3694HRDAS
Pellet, David (860) 702-3598HRDAS
Woolfolk, Juanita (860) 702-3676HRDAS
Mosig, Shelley (860) 702-3592Payroll LeadOSC
Bussa, Lynne (860) 702-3433PayrollOSC
Goldman, Wayne (860) 702-3549DevelopmentOSC
Korzynski, Paul (860) 702-3562DevelopmentOSC
Minutillo, Ralph (860) 702-3583PensionOSC
Richardson, Kathy (860) 702-3636PensionOSC
Polak, Nancy (860) 702-3613Retirement Payroll LeadOSC
Berish, Lynn (860) 702-3371Retirement PayrollOSC
Anderson, Sean (860) 702-3343Time and LaborDAS
Ward, Linda (860) 702-3669Time and LaborDAS

Core Team: Project Management

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Carlson, Martha (860) 702-3302Executive DirectorOSC
Romano, Angelo (860) 702-3307Core-CT DirectorOSC
Black, Donalynn (860) 702-3333Operations/Service ManagerOSC
Churchill, Glenn (860) 702-3310Technical ManagerOSC

Core Team: Technical

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Truman, Timothy (860) 702-3666Database AdminOSC
Phuong, Denise (860) 702-3601Database AdminOSC
Rodulfo, Jaycee (860) 702-3638Database AdminOSC
Burns, Don (860) 702-3424PeopleSoft AdminOSC
Collins, Jason (860) 702-3518PeopleSoft AdminOSC
Delgrego, John (860) 702-3523PeopleSoft AdminOSC
Grzymajlo, Mark (860) 702-3552PeopleSoft AdminOSC
Fratoni, Ken (860) 702-3532Windows/VM AdminOSC
Lester, Byron (860) 702-3566Windows/VM AdminOSC
Martin, Jason (860) 702-3579Windows/VM AdminOSC

Core Team: Level 1 Help Desk

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Core-CT, Financial (860) 622-2300Option 1DAS
Core-CT, HRMS (860) 622-2300Option 2DAS

State Analytical Reporting System - STARS
Support Email:

NamePhoneFunctional TeamSourceEmail Address
Vittner, John (860) 418-6432Project DirectorOPM
Gupta, Dinesh (860) 702-3558Team LeadOPM
Clark, Kelly (860) 702-3514Functional ManagerOPM
Isaac, Willy (860) 702-3561Development ManagerOPM
Pavano, Richard (860) 702-3595DevelopmentDAS
Bezwada, Narendra (860) 702-3387DevelopmentIndependent
Mannava, Gopi (860) 702-3685DevelopmentIndependent
Pulagam, Vikram (860) 702-3627DevelopmentIndependent

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