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Core-CT issues five publications which announce various system issues, fixes, and messages deemed useful. To view a publication, click on its title here:


You can use your email to directly subscribe to, or to unsubscribe from, a publication. If making more than one request,
please send each separately.

If subscribing:  please make your request from the email address where you wish the publication to be sent.

If unsubscribing:  please make your request from the email address originally used to subscribe. If the
address is no longer available, then see "REQUEST TO UNSUBSCRIBE - original
email address not available" below.


Email Format to Follow:

1.  To:

2.  Subject:  leave blank.

3.  Body:  type the request shown in the chart below that correlates with the publication of your choice.
Again, send only one request per email. Don't include any additional text, signature, etc.

Please note: All users should subscribe to Core-CT Extra. This list covers notices that should go out to all users.


  When subscribing replace [first] and [last] with your first name and last name.
For example:  Subscribe OSC_CoreEPM John Doe

  Unsubscribing does not require that your name be included.
For example:  Unsubscribe OSC_CoreEPM


Type in the body:
Type in the body:
EPM Hot Topics Subscribe OSC_CoreEPM  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_CoreEPM
Financials Mail Subscribe OSC_CoreFIN  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_CoreFIN
Financials Security Bulletins Subscribe OSC_Corefinsec  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_Corefinsec
HRMS Mail Subscribe OSC_CoreHR  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_CoreHR
HRMS Security Bulletins Subscribe OSC_CoreHRsec  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_CoreHRsec
Core-CT Extra
(Supplemental to all the above)
Subscribe OSC_CoreExtra  [first]  [last] Unsubscribe OSC_CoreExtra


REQUEST TO UNSUBSCRIBE -- original email address not available

If the email originally used to subscribe is no longer available, send an email to to have your request processed manually. Please provide your name and the publication(s) from which you want to unsubscribe. If your name
has changed since you originally subscribed, then also provide the name used at the time. Thank you.

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