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Accounts Payable

Report Number Report Name Last Updated
ct_core_ap_telecm_after_7_2011 Telecomm Expenditures after 7/1/2011  7/14/2011
ct_core_ap_telecm_prior_7_2011 Telecomm Expenditures before 7/1/2011  7/14/2011
ct_core_capital_asset_expendi Capital Asset Expenditures  4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_acct_cd_util_cd Utility Vouchers, Utility, Account Codes   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_chk_count Payment Count by Business Unit   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_consumption_rpt Voucher Energy Consumption   3/8/2013
ct_core_fin_ap_deleted_voucher Deleted vouchers by Accounting Date   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_m1_s1_rpt Internal Service BU reporting   1/19/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_non_po_vouchers NonPO Vouchers by Bus Unit  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_nrg_prior_7_08 Voucher Energy Consumption < 07-01-08  8/7/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_pymnt_terms Contract vs Voucher Pay Terms  3/8/2013
ct_core_fin_ap_vchbdckd_unpost Vouchers Budget Checked Not Posted   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vchbudckd_unpd Vouchers Budget Checked but Not Paid   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vchr_cnt_userid Number of vouchers by User ID   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vchr_dt_compare Invoice Date versus Entered/Payment Dates   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vchr_frm_jrnl Voucher Accounting Line by Journal ID   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vchr_ra_notes RA Vouchers with payment notes  10/21/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vchrs_on_hold Vouchers on Hold by BU   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vchrs_pd_unpst Vouchers Paid but Not Posted   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vchrs_unapprvd Vouchers not approved by the Business Unit   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vchrs_unposted Vouchers Not Yet Posted   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vendor_by_id Vendor search by VendorID   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ap_vendor_credit Vendors with credit balances   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_ap_vendors_by_name Vendor ID, name, SETID   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_check_by_fein Vendor Check Number by FEIN   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_check_by_vndr_name Check Number by Vendor Name   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_saaas_option16_5_8 SAAAS Option 16, 5-8   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_vchr_src_pymntnote RA Vouchers by Source  4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_vendor_pymnt_hstry Vendor Payment History Query   3/8/2013
ct_core_fn_ap_discount_audit Vouchers, Pay Terms, Discounts  4/15/2011
ct_core_fn_ap_pndng_discounts Vouchers with pending discounts  4/15/2011
ct_core_fn_vchr_not_acct_50000 Paid vouchers from non-expenditure accounts   4/29/2011
ct_core_fye_deleted_vchrs FYE Deleted Voucher by BU   4/29/2011
ct_core_sefa_subrecipient_vndr 55050 Sub-recipient Vendor Detail  10/20/2011
ct_core_set_aside_voucher Set Aside Voucher Query   3/8/2013
ct_core_set_aside_voucher_sum Set Aside Voucher Summary  2/2/2012

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