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General Ledger

Report Number Report Name Last Updated
ct_core_budget_status_report GLS8020 (Budget Status)   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_activity GL Activity by Acctg Period  8/3/2010
ct_core_fin_gl_agy_jrnl_errors Agency Journal Error Report   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_agy_valid_jrnls Agency Valid Journal Report   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_agyjrnl_err_all Agency ALL Journal Errors Report   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_bd_jrnl_errors Budget Journal not posted   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_bud_carryfrwrd Budget Lapse and Carry-Forward   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_bud_ref_err Budget Ref not equal to FY  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_budg_det_inq Budget Details Inquiry  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_by_exp GL Expenditures by FY  4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_details GL Expenditure by Acctg Period  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_expend_by_obj Expenditures by Object  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_jrnls_by_pychck FIN Accounting Entries by Pay Check #   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_modaccr_modcash Mod Accrual and Mod Cash period report   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_naf_cash_bal Non-Approp Funds Cash Balance  1/28/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_naf_cash_entry Entries to Cash Accounts  4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_naf_exp_bal Non-Approp Funds Cash Expenses  1/31/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_naf_rev_bal Non-Approp Funds Cash revenue  1/31/2011
ct_core_fin_gl_other_dept_ps PS charges from other Deptids   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_pay_jrnl_entrys Journal entries for payroll   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_gl_trial_balance Trial Balance Report  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_journal_entry Journal Entry Query   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_jrnl_datcln_recon Reconcile CTGLR 341/342 to Budget   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_jrnl_tran Posted Journals by Account   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ledg_kk_bal Ledger Balance (CFSR)   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ledgr_period_pivot Ledger Bal by Acctg Period  6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_ledgr_period_pivxl Ledger Bal Per - Pivot in Excel   6/1/2009
ct_core_fin_mod_accr_csh_jrn MOD_ACCRL & MOD_CASH Journals   4/29/2011
ct_core_fin_refund_of_exp Refunds of Expenditures   4/29/2011
ct_core_gl_other_ps_charges Payroll Detail other agency charge  2/27/2012
ct_core_gl_payroll_detail Cross BU payroll data  2/27/2012
ct_core_gl_payroll_pay_period Cross BU payroll data  8/12/2015
ct_core_gl_pr_recon_by_chartfd GL to Payroll Summary Reconciliation   4/29/2011
ct_core_gl_pr_reconciliation GL to Payroll Summary Reconcil  8/12/2015
ct_core_journal_entry Journal Entry Query   6/1/2009
ct_core_journal_id_information Specific Journal ID & Date  8/12/2015
ct_core_jrnl_src_sefa_subrecip 55050 Sub-recipient Journal Detail  10/18/2011
ct_core_kk_ledgers_by_month Commitment Control Ledger /Month   6/1/2009

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