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EPM Queries

Human Resource

Report Number Report Name Last Updated
ct_core_doit_lms_vw Replication of CT_DOIT_LMS_VW  5/5/2011
ct_core_hr_3pct_returns 3Pct Deduction Returns  7/27/2017
ct_core_hr_5day_consec_sick Sick Use Audit Query  9/1/2011
ct_core_hr_actv_empl_posn_data Employee, Positn,Chrtfld Data  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_annl_incremnt_audit List of ee's AI  2/11/2014
ct_core_hr_drivers_license Drivers license information  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_ee_address_by_dept All EE addresses by Dept  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_ee_emailphn_by_dept All current ee Email/Phone  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_ee_lve_expctd_retdt Expected Return Date for Employees  10/5/2010
ct_core_hr_ee_rgsers_audit ee'S by agency w/RGSERS deduct  10/4/2013
ct_core_hr_emergency_contacts Emergency Contacts for active Ees  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_empl_compensation EE daily & biweekly pay rates  9/1/2017
ct_core_hr_empl_notes Employee Notepad  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_employee_supervisor EE Supervisor  7/26/2013
ct_core_hr_hire_before_7_1_09 Hire/Rehire7-01-04 to 7-01-09  3/22/2010
ct_core_hr_hire_reh_aft_7_1_09 Hire/Rehire date > 7-1-2009  3/22/2010
ct_core_hr_job_data_history Job data rows by emplid  3/24/2016
ct_core_hr_jobdata_audit_tool Job Data Audit Tool w/Notes  4/25/2012
ct_core_hr_leave_liability RIP leave accrual liability  10/5/2010
ct_core_hr_military_service Military Service Information  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_posn_activity Position Activity Query  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_posns_all_by_dept Activ Posns & Activ Ees only  3/24/2016
ct_core_hr_rec_den_positions RecycledDeniedPositions  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_ret_hlthfnd_no_ded Retiree Health Fund Missing Deductions  10/31/2017
ct_core_hr_rip_addl_pay_audit Addl Pay set up audit RIP 2009  2/11/2010
ct_core_hr_rip_deduction_audit RIP Deductions Audit  2/11/2010
ct_core_hr_rip_job_data_audit RIP Job Data Audit  2/11/2010
ct_core_hr_rip_no_addl_pay_ent RIP Addl Pay Missing Entries  2/11/2010
ct_core_hr_rip_no_deduct_ent RIP Deduction Missing Entries  2/11/2010
ct_core_hr_term_employees All terminated ee's  9/4/2009
ct_core_hr_university_ipeds IPEDS Reporting Audit  11/12/2013
ct_core_hr_voluntary_leave VLRP Days & Amounts  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_waive_data_flg Active Empls Waive Data Setup  8/8/2012
ct_core_hr_workforce_analysis Workforce Analysis  7/28/2009
ct_core_hr_wrkfrc_analysis_det Workforce Analysis detail  7/28/2009
ct_core_leave_liability5less Leave Bal,hrs/$ for ee's <5yrs  7/28/2009
ct_core_leave_liability5plus Leave Bal,hrs/$ for ee's >5yrs  7/28/2009
ct_core_manager_service_time Manager Service Time  7/28/2009

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