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Catalog of Online Financial Reports

Choosing Reports in Core-CT

If you want to: Then run this report:
Estimate future activity based on the previous 12 months of actual data (for payroll and non payroll related expenses) Project Forecast
Find a snapshot of Project(s) amount(s) that are billable through the Customer Contracts and Billing Modules Project Billable Summary Report
Find a summary of historical and current expenditures for a project or projects Project Financial Management Report
Find discrepancies between project costing and commitment control PC and KK Reconciliation Report
Find discrepancies between project costing and general ledger PC and GL Reconciliation Report
Find payroll costs Details for a project Project Payroll Costs Report
Find project costing data by analysis group. This is a flexible report Project Data by Analysis Group(s) Report
Find project status and attributes Project Status Report
Monitor and review approval statistics data and evaluate the effective of workflow. DOT use only. Project Approval Statistics (DOT USE ONLY)
Print the Department of Transportation approval for review and required signed approval(s) of project estimate revisions. Project Estimate Mod Approval Request
To information needed to prepare the final voucher which will be submitted to FHWA. This is a DOT specific report. Final Voucher Report
To look up high level project and contract information PCCA Summary Report
To monitor projects for all projects funding, regardless of the source (DOT only) Project Incremental Cost
To reconcile differences between CORE data and the FMIS system and/or external source. Contract Reconciliation Report
to review Budget, Expense, Payroll, Purchase Orders, and Pre-Encumbrance information pertaining to a single project Project Transactional Report