HRMS Security Liaisons

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AESAgriculture Experiment StationPMichael Last 203-974-8442 
AESAgriculture Experiment StationSJennifer Stevens 203-935-1624 
APAAuditors of Public AccountsPJohn Rasimus 860-240-5333 
APAAuditors of Public AccountsPSuzanne Bousquet 860-240-5303860-240-5292
APAAuditors of Public AccountsSLisa Daly   
APAAuditors of Public AccountsSDouglas Stratoudakis 860-240-5300 
APAAuditors of Public AccountsSVincent Filippa   
APTCT Airport AuthorityPBrian Cormier 860-254-5735 
APTCT Airport AuthoritySShavonne Sanders   
BOREastern CSUSJohn F Bazin   
BORSouthern - CSUSJes S Kraus   
BOREastern CSUSDurado Bailey   
BOR(CSU)Eastern CSUSNicole Brown   
BOR(CSU)Eastern CSUSZayda Sofia Bonilla   
BOR/Board of TrusteesColleges and UniversitiesPCSCU-PayrollSSO   
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySOlivia Duncan olivia 860-832-1769 
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySShaela Barry 860-832-1750 
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySNorma Rivera 860-832-2305 
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySKathy DeBoer 860-832-1752 
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySChristine Mari Derwitsch 860-832-1756 
BOR/CCSUCentral CT State UniversitySGabriela Flores-Erazo 860-832-1760 
BOR/Community CollegesAll Community College CampusesPCSCU-PayrollSSO   
BOR/COSCCharter Oak State CollegePCSCU-PayrollSSO   
BOR/ECSUEastern CT State UniversityPLourdes Ardel   
BOR/ECSUEastern CT State UniversitySMaria Weinberger 860-465-0654 
BOR/ECSUEastern CT State UniversitySKatherine Wrana 860-465-4691 
BOR/SCSUSouthern CT State UniversityPDarci Carson 203-392-5075 
BOR/SCSUSouthern CT State UniversitySBeth Anna Winiarski 203-392-5425 
BOR/System OfficeSystem OfficePCSCU-PayrollSSO   
BOR/WCSUWestern CT State   
CAT (ECD)Commission on Arts and TourismPIrene Matulis  860-270-8188
CDACT Development AuthorityPChristopher Baisden 860-258-7861 
CDACT Development AuthoritySPhilip Siuta 860-258-7892 
CEFConnecticut Green BankPEric Shrago   
CIICT Innovations IncPChristopher Baisden 860-258-7861860-721-9147
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.PEdward Socha 860-713-2733 
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.SSteven Wagner 860-713-2734860-713-2740
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.SAngel Cuevas 860-713-2729860-713-2740
CMEOffice Chief Medical ExaminerSLincoln D Gordon   
CRDCap. Reg.Development Auth.PJoseph Geremia 860-493-2906860-527-0133
CRDCap. Reg.Development Auth.PJennifer Gaffrey 860-493-2901860-527-0133
CSC (DEP)Environmental ProtectionSTania Kokidko 860-424-3761 
DASAgy Business Partner-SDESDebra Paradis   
DASDept Administrative ServicesSCruse Victoria   
DASDept Administrative ServicesSRivera Belinda   
DASDept. of Admin ServicesSBethanne Watts 860/616-3630 
DASDept of Admin SvcsSHeidi Gray   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS EHSRonnell Young   
DASAgy Business Partner-DDS Wlfd1SBelinda Weaver   
DASDept of Adm Services-BITSSJose Baez   
DASAgy Business Partner - DCF 2SPatrick Pathammavong   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSRaquel Perkins   
DASDAS-SmART HR Unit 4SAshley Marie Dempsey   
DASAgy Business Partner--DEP AdminSZayda Sofia Bonilla   
DASAgy Business Partner-DDS EhfdSJerica Deni Ortiz-Lipowski   
DASAgy Business Partner-DSS 1SMartina Gillespie   
DASAgy Business Partner - DCF2SNatalie D. Devlin (DCF)   
DASAgy Business Partner - DDS Mdtw3SSandra Hergott (MHA)   
DASAgy Business Partner - DDS Wlfd2SVeronica S. Powell (DDS)   
DASAgy Business Partner- DDS WlfdSAnita Morrell   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSLinda Ward   
DASAgy Business Partner-DPHSShabina Bhura   
DASAgy Business Partner-DSS AdminSPenny Davis   
DASDASAgyBusiness Partner-DDS WlfdSNoreen Logan   
DASDASAgy Businness Partner-DDS WlSCindy Lukaszewicz   
DASAgy Business Partner-DSS 1SLateisha Rainey   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS WlfdSNaisha Roman   
DASAgyBusiness Partner- MHA Htfd2SRamona Sablon   
DASDept Administrative ServicesSVazquez Elena M   
DASAgy Business Partner-DOLSLauren Stabile   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSBrittany Besaw   
DASAgy Business Partner - DPH AdminSCarol O'Regan carol.o'   
DASDASAgyBusiness Partner-SDESSandra Cunningham   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSDanielle Silvia   
DASDAS Agy Business Partner-DCFSGabriel Carr   
DASAgy Business Partner - SDR AdminSJennifer Napiello   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSNickson Renoncourt   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSAlexa Warzecha   
DASAgyBusiness Partner-DVA AdminSNoreen Sinclair   
DASDept. of Admin ServicesSTheresa Judge 860-713-5319 
DCC (DEP)Environmental Protection PJulie Wilson 860-424-3234 
DCC(DEP)Environmental ProtectionSTania Kokidko 860-424-3761 
DCFDept. of Children and   
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSIvette Nurse   
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSDiane Andrews 860-258-5835 
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSValerie Clark 860-258-5820 
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSAnneMarie Paone-Mullin 860-258-5892 
DCPDept. of Consumer ProtectionPErin Walsh   
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesPDeborah Wrogg 203-806-8745 
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesPJaime J Golanski-Zmijewski   
DDSDDS Central OfficeSAsheh Toni   
DDSDept of Developmental SvcsSJerard Nicholas   
DDSDDS West RegionSAnne F Lindsay   
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesSAimee Teator 203-806-8732 
DEPEnvironmental ProtectionPJulie Wilson 860-424-3234 
DEPEnvironmental ProtectionSTania Lavruk 860-424-3761 
DEPDEP,DCC,CSC, and CEQSRebecca Mae Mancini   
DHEOffice of Higher EducationSRam Aberasturia   
DHE Dept. of Higher EducationSHuyen Dao 860-947-1842 
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSNavline M. Thompson   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSAllyson Bruce   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSMark Kosh   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSWillisha Charlemagne willisha.charlemagne@ct,   
DOBDept. of Banking SJacqueline Shirley   
DOBDept. of BankingSKaniesha Branham   
DOCAll DOC FacilitiesPAll Password Resets   
DOIDept. of Insurance SCarmen Rivera 860-297-3936860-297-3836
DOIDept. of Insurance SChristine Perry 860-297-3993860-297-3941
DOIDept. of Insurance SMarisol Resto 860-297-3965860-297-3836
DOLDepartment of LaborSDOL Payroll Unit   
DOTDept. of TransportationPPatricia Schribert 860-594-2281 
DOTDept. of TransportationSKathie Daly 860-594-2285860-594-2056
DOTDept. of TransportationSNicole Mason 860-594-2138 
DOTDept. of TransportationSRobert Brendline 860-594-2615 
DOTDept. of TransportationSJames Wilber   
DOTDept. of TransportationSZavosh Kohan 860-594-2198860-594-2056
DOTDOT Core-CT Support UnitSCalanthe Juliane Cavadini   
DOTDept of TransportationSMichael Cavadini   
DPHDept. of Public Health PJose Aguilar 860-509-7252 
DPHDept. of Public Health SDanielle Pare 860-509-7214 
DPHDept. of Public Health SNora Sinkfield 860-509-7219 
DPHDept. of Public Health SAbdi Elmi 860-509-7225 
DPSDept. of Public Safety PAll Password Resets 860-685-8440 
DPSDPS-Cotto JoseSJose Cotto   
DPSDPS-Plourde AimeeSAimee Plourde   
DPSDept. of Public SafetySNaomi S. Marinelli   
DPSDept. of Public SafetySJoanne Christensen   
DPSDPS-Peshka RosemarieSRosemarie Peshka   
DPSDepartment of Public SafetySJoshua Joseph   
DPSDepartment of Public SafetySAdam Rosenberg   
DRSDept of Revenue ServicesSSilvan Vardhami 860-297-5720 
DRSDept of Revenue ServicesSAnna Huang 860-297-5783 
DSSDept of Social Services  HRMS Password Reset   
DSSDepartment of Social ServicesSChristine Franklin   
DSSDept of Social ServicesSCheryl McKenney   
DVADept. of Veterans' AffairsSAnita Cella 860-616-3631 
ECDEcon. & Community DevelopmentPSidney Yeung 860-500-2451 
ECDEcon. & Community DevelopmentSThomas Marciniak 860-500-2451 
ELEST Elections Enforcement CommSMichael Brandi   
ETHOffice of State EthicsSPeter Lewandowski   
FMLFam $ Med LvSLoc Pho   
FOIFreedom of Information CommSColleen Murphy   
FOIFreedom of Information CommSCharla Vincent   
GOVGovernor's OfficePJamal Gatling 860-524-7345 
GOV/DASDept. of Admin ServicesSTheresa Judge 860-713-5319 
HCA (DAS)Office of Health Care AccessPAudrey Pinette 860-622-2127 
HFACT Housing & Fin. AuthorityPLisa M Bernier 860-571-4207860-571-9409
HFACT Housing & Fin. AuthoritySMeredith M Minnocci   
HROHuman Rights & OpportunitiesSKristen Daniels   
HROComm Human Rights and OpsSMonica Hammie-Richardson   
JUDJudicial BranchSChristopher Corriveau   
JUDJudicial BranchSLisa Moretto   
JUDJudicialSMari-Jo Scully    
JUDJudicialSMary Kindschi    
JUDJudicial BranchSMarissa Stone   
Lt GOV/DASDept. of Admin ServicesSTheresa Judge 860-713-5319 
MHADMHAS.CorePasswordReset-Group Core Password Resets   
MHAMental HealthSPamela Shea 860-262-5151 
MILMilitary Dept. PAnthony Lewis 860-548-3248860-548-3247
OAGAttorney GeneralSSusan Cavanaugh 860-808-5323 
OLMLegislative Management PBeth Waters 860-240-0100 
OLMLegislative Management SMelissa Bartolomeo 860-240-0148 
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSCarolyn Kozak 860-713-5166 
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSYvonne Addo   
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSGregory Messner 860-418-6225860-418-6490
OSCOffice of State ComptrollerPElizabeth Daly 860-702-3436 
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSPatricia Cafazzo 860-702-3391 
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSRebecca Forand   
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSMorgan Roane   
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSMerita Hoxha 860-702-3649 
OTTOffice of the State TreasurerSMarva Balfour 860-702-3140860-702-3039
OTTOffice of the State TreasurerSLorna Reid   
OTTOff of State TreasurerSSharon Anderson   
PDSPublic Defender Services PPaula Lohr 860-509-6431860-509-6474
PDSPublic Defender Services SDiane Fitzpatrick 860-509-6432 
SDECT Technical High Schools All Password Resets contact school business offices   
SDEDAS-Fusco JennaSJenna Fusco   
SDEState Department of EducationSAlicia Palmer   
SDRDept of Aging & Disability SrvSTercolia Troxler   
SDRDept of Rehabilitation ServicesSTeresa Velez 860-424-5544 
SDRDept of Aging & Disability SrvSBolanos Monica   
SOSSecretary of the StateSLorna Reid   
SOSSecretary of the StateSMary Mullin-Hope   
SOSSecretary of the StateSShantelle Varrs   
TECCTECHS Howell Cheney THSSBetsaida Blackburn   
TRBTeachers' Retirement BoardSKeith C. Petit   
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SCharlene Hill (860) 241-8404 
TRBTeachers' Retirement BoardSJaviel Resto   
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SLoc Pho (860) 241-8422 
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SVaishali Muzumdar 860-241-8424860-525-6018
TRBTeachers' Retirement BoardSNaomi Calvi   
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SHelen Sullivan 860-241-8402860-525-6019
UHCUConn Health Center All Password Resets 860-679-4400  
UHCUConn Health CenterPLawrence Pittman   
UHCUConn Health CenterPSusan Keegan   
UOCUniversity of ConnecticutPSeth Jodoin   
UOCUOC-Wilder AdamSAdam Wilder   
UOCUniversity of ConnecticutSEllen Lowe   
WCCWorker's Compensation PVirginia Alling 860-493-1500860-247-1361
WCCWorkers Comp CommSFrank Calvi   
WCCWorker's Compensation SLeigh Hein 860-493-1531860-247-1361

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