HRMS Security Liaisons

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DASAgy Business Partner-DDS Wlfd1SBelinda Weaver   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS EHSRonnell Young   
DCJDept of Criminal JusticeSJames Faulkner   
DCJDept of Criminal JusticeSAnneMarie Paone-Mullin   
DCJDept of Criminal JusticeSCatherine Ribiero   
DEPDEP,DCC,CSC, and CEQSRebecca Mae Mancini   
DHEOffice of Higher EducationSRam Aberasturia   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSWillisha Charlemagne willisha.charlemagne@ct,   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSMark Kosh   
DOLDepartment of LaborSDevone Jackson   
DPSDepartment of Public SafetySElizabeth Sohl   
DRSDept of Revenue ServicesSJanet Andrews   
DRSDept of Revenue ServicesSErick Siu   
ELEST Elections Enforcement CommSMichael Brandi   
ETHOffice of State EthicsSPeter Lewandowski   
FOIFreedom of Information CommSColleen Murphy   
FOIFreedom of Information CommSCharla Vincent   
HROComm Human Rights and OpsSMonica Hammie-Richardson   
JUDJudicial BranchSChristopher Corriveau   
JUDJudicial BranchSLisa Moretto   
JUDJudicial BranchSMarissa Stone   
MHAMental Health/Addiction SvcsSPatricia Guire   
OTTOff of State TreasurerSSharon Anderson   
SDEState Department of EducationSAlicia Palmer   
SDRDept of Aging & Disability SrvSShavonne Sanders   
SOSSecretary of StateSNicole Brown   
DPSDepartment of Public SafetySFrank Ryan   
DCFDept. of Children and   
DASDAS Agy Business Partner-DOC-WthsfSKatrina Wilson   
OTTOffice of the State TreasurerSLorna Reid   
DOTDept. of TransportationSPatricia Schribert   
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesPJaime J Golanski-Zmijewski   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSMichelle Plourde-Davis   
DMVDepartment of Motor VehiclesSLiza Annelli   
DASDept. of Admin ServicesSBethanne Watts 203/695-2547 
BORGateway CC (BOR79700)SKathleen Nicholson   
BORGateway CC (BOR79700)SMare Christensen   
BORAsnuntuck CC (BOR80500)SMare Christensen   
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSPatricia Cafazzo 860-702-3391 
OSCOffice of the State ComptrollerSMerita Hoxha 860-702-3649 
DPSDepartment of Public SafetySAdam Rosenberg   
DMVDept. of Motor VehiclesSDarrell A.Grant 860-424-5662 
HFACT Housing & Fin. AuthoritySMeredith M Minnocci   
DOCAgy Business Partner-DOC COSKatrina Wilson   
CSU ECSU (BOR)Connecticut State University EasternSJennifer Horner   
DEPEnvironmental ProtectionSJulie Wilson   
DOCAgy Business Partner-DOC COSKatrina Wilson   
DOCDepartment of CorrectionsSAll Password Resets   
CSC(DEP)Environmental ProtectionSTania Kokidko 860-424-3761 
DCC(DEP)Environmental ProtectionSTania Kokidko 860-424-3761 
APTCAA Fiscal Administration (Bradley)SMegan Ann Downey   
BOR(NV) Naugatuck CC (BOR79500)SJacqueline Swanson   
BOR(NV)Board of Regents for Higher Ed (BOR78100)SSusan Wright   
BOR(W)Western CSU (BOR84500)SPeggy (Margaret) Boyle   
BOR(W)Western CSU (BOR84500)SFred Cratty   
BOR(W)Western CSU (BOR84500)SCazorla Michele Ribeiro   
BORBoard of Regents for Higher Ed (BOR78100)SMarlene Cordero   
BORNorthwestern CC (BOR78500)SKimberly Dragan   
BORBoard of Trustees (BOR78100)SDiane Mazza   
BORBd State Acdmc Awds (BOR77800)SRowena McColdrick   
BORSouthern-CSU (BOR85000)SJennifer Napiello   
BORThree Rivers CC (BOR80100)SGayle Oneill 860-215-9276 
BORBoard of Regents for Higher Ed(BOR78100)SColleen Osborne   
BORCentral CSU (BOR84000)SNorma Rivera   
CMEOffice Chief Medical ExaminerSLincoln D Gordon   
DASDept of Adm ServicesSJose Baez   
DASDASAGYBusiness Partner-MHAMdtwSCarol Bailey-Laud   
DASAgy Business Partner-DPHSShabina Bhura   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS EHSVivian Cadenhead   
DASDAS Agy Business Partner-WCCSSandra Cunningham   
DASAgy Business Partner-DSS AdminSPenny Davis   
DASAgy Business Partner-DPS 1SFelicia Emanuel   
DASAgy Business Partner-MHA Htfd 2SEdra Knight   
DASDASAgyBusiness Partner-DDS WlfdSNoreen Logan   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-MHAMDtwSMiriam Lopez   
DASDASAgy Businness Partner-DDS WlSCindy Lukaszewicz   
DASDASAgyBusiness Partner-MHAMdtwSRobert Paulitto   
DASAgy Business Partner-DSS 1SLateisha Rainey   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS EHSDaimar Ramos   
DASDASAgy Business Partner-DDS WlfdSNaisha Roman   
DASAgyBusiness Partner- MHA Htfd2SRamona Sabion   
DASAgyBusiness Partner-DVA AdminSNoreen Sinclair   
DASAgy Business Partner-DOLSLauren Stabile   
DASAgyBusiness Partner- MHA Htfd1SCheryl Thompson   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSLinda Ward   
DASDept of Admin SvcsSAlexa Warzecha   
DEPEnvironmental ProtectionSTania Kokidko 860-424-3761 
AESAgriculture Experiment StationPMichael Last 203-974-8442 
AESAgriculture Experiment StationSJennifer Stevens 203-935-1624 
APAAuditors of Public AccountsPJohn Rasimus 860-240-5333 
APAAuditors of Public AccountsPSuzanne Bousquet 860-240-5303860-240-5292
APAAuditors of Public AccountsSDouglas Stratoudakis 860-240-5300 
APTCT Airport AuthorityPBrian Cormier 860-254-5735 
APTCT Airport AuthoritySRobin Taylor 860-254-5897860-386-8724
CAT (ECD)Commission on Arts and TourismPIrene Matulis  860-270-8188
CCC (BOR)Quinebaug CCPAlessandra Lundberg 860-932-4170 
CCC (BOR)Quinebaug CCSKarla Desjardins 860-486-5763 
CCC (BOR)Board of Regents SOPDarlene DeFigueiredo 860-723-0753 
CCC (BOR)Housatonic CCSKathleen Provitz-Rosado 203-332-5204 
CCC (BOR)Housatonic CCSDurado Bailey   
CCC (BOR)Tunxis CCSHoli Martinez 860-773-1418 
CCC (BOR)Naugatuck CCSLinda Pestretto 203-596-8719 
CCC (BOR)Board of Regents SOSMichael Lopez 860-723-0331 
CCC (BOR)Board of TrusteesSJonna Lynn Deegan 860-713-5033 
CDACT Development AuthorityPChristopher Baisden 860-258-7861 
CDACT Development AuthoritySPhilip Siuta 860-258-7892 
CEFConnecticut Green BankPEric Shrago   
CIICT Innovations IncPChristopher Baisden 860-258-7861860-721-9147
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.PEdward Socha 860-713-2733 
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.SAngel Cuevas 860-713-2729860-713-2740
CLCConnecticut Lottery Corp.SSteven Wagner 860-713-2734860-713-2740
CRDCap. Reg.Development Auth.PJennifer Gaffrey 860-493-2901860-527-0133
CRDCap. Reg.Development Auth.PJoseph Geremia 860-493-2906860-527-0133
CSC (DEP)Environmental Protection PLisa Stratton 860-424-3160 
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralPMary Cavanaugh N. 860-832-1856 
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralSAnna Suski Lenczewski 860-832-1757 
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralSDaniel Moreland 860-832-2305 
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralSJoanne Callahan 860-832-1752 
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralSChristine Mari Derwitsch   
CSU CCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University CentralSGabriela Flores-Erazo 860-832-1760 
CSU ECSU (BOR)Connecticut State University EasternSKatherine Wrana 860-465-4691 
CSU ECSU (BOR)Connecticut State University EasternPLourdes Ardel 860-465-5118 
CSU ECSU (BOR)Connecticut State University EasternSMaria Weinberger 860-465-0654 
CSU SCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University SouthernPDarci Carson 203-392-5075 
CSU SCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University SouthernSBeth Anna Winiarski 203-392-5425 
CSU SCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University SouthernSSteve Weinberger 207-450-8416 
CSU WCSU (BOR)Connecticut State University   
DASDept. of Admin ServicesPAudrey Pinette 860-622-2127 
DASDept. of Admin ServicesSTheresa Judge 860/713-5319 
DCC (DEP)Environmental Protection PLisa Stratton 860-424-3160 
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSPeter Zelez 860-258-5820 
DCJDivision of Criminal JusticeSIvette Nurse (860) 550-6479 
DCP (DAS)Dept. of Consumer ProtectionPAllyn DeMaida 860-713-6054 
DCP (DAS)Dept. of Consumer ProtectionSAudrey Pinette 860-622-2127 
DCP (DAS)Dept. of Consumer ProtectionSJulia Imperato 860-713-6060 
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesPDeborah Wrogg 203-806-8745 
DDSDept of Developmental ServicesSAimee Teator 203-806-8732 
DEPEnvironmental Protection PLisa Stratton 860-424-3160 
DHE Dept. of Higher EducationSHuyen Dao 860-947-1842 
DMVDept. of Motor Vehicles PSharon Nelson 860-263-5003 
DMVDept. of Motor Vehicles SMichelle Schott 860-263-5003 
DOBDept. of Banking SWayne Guilmartin 860-240-8276 
DOIDept. of Insurance SCarmen Rivera 860-297-3936860-297-3836
DOIDept. of Insurance SChristine Perry 860-297-3993860-297-3941
DOIDept. of Insurance SMarisol Resto 860-297-3965860-297-3836
DOLDept. of LaborSKatherine Kindle 860-263-6202860-263-6216
DOTDept. of TransportationPChristopher McCormack 860-594-2287860-594-2574
DOTDept. of TransportationSKathie Daly 860-594-2285860-594-2056
DOTDept. of TransportationSLily Baglan 860-594-3379 
DOTDept. of TransportationSNicole Mason 860-594-2138 
DOTDept. of TransportationSRobert Brendline 860-594-2615 
DOTDept. of TransportationSZavosh Kohan 860-594-2198860-594-2056
DPHDept. of Public Health PJose Aguilar 860-509-7252 
DPHDept. of Public Health SDanielle Pare 860-509-7214 
DPHDept. of Public Health SAbdi Elmi 860-509-7225 
DPHDept. of Public Health SNora Sinkfield 860-509-7219 
DPSDept. of Public Safety PAll Password Resets 860-685-8440 
DPSDept. of Public Safety PAll Password Resets 860-685-8440 
DSSDept of Social Services  HRMS Password Reset   
DVADept. of Veterans' AffairsSAnita Cella 860-616-3631 
ECDEcon. & Community DevelopmentPIrene Matulis 860-500-2413860-270-8135
ECDEcon. & Community DevelopmentSJames Amato 860-500-2418860-270-8118
HCA (DAS)Office of Health Care AccessPAudrey Pinette 860-622-2127 
HFACT Housing & Fin. AuthorityPLisa M Bernier 860-571-4207860-571-9409
HROHuman Rights & OpportunitiesSKristen Daniels   
JUDJudicialSLuanne Griswold    
JUDJudicialSMari-Jo Scully    
JUDJudicialSMary Russell-McMahon    
MHAMental HealthPDeana Fisher   
MHAMental HealthPJulianne Wheeler   
MHAMental HealthPSharon Ferguson   
MHAMental HealthPDonna Zwilling   
MHAMental HealthSPamela Shea 860-262-5866 
MHAMental HealthP Robin Stewart   
MILMilitary Dept. PAnthony Lewis 860-548-3248860-548-3247
OAGAttorney GeneralSSusan Cavanaugh 860-808-5323 
OGAOffice of Government AccountabilitySAudrey Pinette 860-622-2127 
OLMLegislative Management PBeth Waters 860-240-0100 
OLMLegislative Management SMelissa Bartolomeo 860-240-0148 
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSCarolyn Kozak 860-713-5166 
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSGregory Messner 860-418-6225860-418-6490
OPMOffice of Policy ManagementSMaryAnn Palmarozza 860-418-6360 
OSCOffice of State ComptrollerPElizabeth Daly 860-702-3436 
OTTOffice of the State TreasurerSMarva Balfour 860-702-3140860-702-3039
PDSPublic Defender Services PPaula Lohr 860-509-6431860-509-6474
PDSPublic Defender Services SDiane Fitzpatrick 860-509-6432 
SDECT Technical High Schools All Password Resets contact school business offices   
SDEState Dept. of EducationPWendy Gerace 860-713-6608 
SDRDept of Rehabilitation ServicesPKelli-Ann McDonald 860-424-4938860-622-4910
SDRDept of Rehabilitation ServicesSMichelle Provost 860-424-4976860-622-4910
SDRDept of Rehabilitation ServicesSTeresa Velez 860-424-5544 
SOSSecretary of the State PBlanche Tucker 860-509-6166 
SOSSecretary of the State SSonya Mathis 860-509-6163 
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SVaishali Muzumdar 860-241-8424860-525-6018
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SHelen Sullivan 860-241-8402860-525-6019
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SCharlene Hill (860) 241-8404 
TRBTeachers' Retirement Board SLoc Pho (860) 241-8422 
UHCUConn Health CenterPLawrence Pittman   
UHCUConn Health CenterPSusan Keegan   
UHCUConn Health Center All Password Resets 860-679-4400  
UOCUniversity of ConnecticutPSeth Jodoin   
UOCUniversity of ConnecticutSEllen Lowe   
WCCWorker's Compensation PVirginia Alling 860-493-1500860-247-1361
WCCWorker's Compensation SLeigh Hein 860-493-1531860-247-1361

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