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Welcome to the Core-CT Website

Welcome to the home page for Core-CT, Connecticut state government's integrated human resources, payroll, and financial system. Based on your role, use the links to the left to navigate to pages designed for you.

Hours of System Operation:
Monday - Sunday 4:00am - 8:00pm
HRMS Confirm Thursday 4:00am - 2:00pm



Electronic W-2 forms for 2016 are now available online for all state employees who have access to Core-CT. Employees can now view, print and save their 2016 electronic W-2 forms at any time through the online Core-CT system.

Employees will also continue to receive a printed and mailed W-2 form if they currently receive printed pay advices/checks and have not provided online consent through Core-CT to view their W-2 forms electronically. Those individuals will receive their W-2 in the mail over the next 2 weeks. The W-2 will be mailed to the most recent address on file in Core-CT. We encourage those employees to provide consent to receive W-2s electronically because it will allow faster access to W-2 forms (2 weeks quicker than mailed W-2’s in most calendar years). Instructions regarding how to give your consent to receive your W-2 electronically may be accessed here: 

Here are instructions for those accessing their W-2 forms online: Once you are logged in to the Core-CT system, the link to W-2/W-2c information will be in the “Payroll” section. When you click “View W-2/W-2c Forms,” it will show the form for the most recent year. Above the link to that form will also be an option to “View a different tax year.” That link will take you to all available current and prior W-2/W-2c forms dating back to 2011 if you wish to view prior years. Once you open a form, you may view, save or print it at any time.

Detailed instructions on how to access, view or print your 2016 W-2 forms can be found here: