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Training Registration Contacts

Some agencies have Training registration contacts who deal primarily with HR and others who deal with Financials, as indicated below. Technically, TRCs have the ability to register their agencies’ people for any class.

AES  Last, Michael 203/974-8442
APA  Bousquet, Suzanne M 860/240-5303
APA  Pardo, Maura 860/240-5300
APA  Rasimas, John 860/240-5333
APT  Cormier, Brian 860/254-5735
APT  Downey, Megan Ann 860/254-5832
APT  Stewart, Carol E 860/254-5894
APT  Taylor, Robin L 860/254-5897
BOR  Ardel, Lourdes 860/465-5118
BOR  Carson, Darci L 203/392-5075
BOR  Cavanaugh, Mary N  
BOR  Cratty, Fred W 203/837-8665
BOR  Deegan, Jonna-Lynn 860/713-5033
BOR  DeFigueiredo, Darlene M 860/723-0753
BOR  Mazza, Diane  
BOR  McGoldrick, Rowena 860/515-3751
BOR  Pacheco, Yolanda 860/515-3756
BOR  Suski-Lenczewski, Anna  
BOR  Williams, Jami 860/723-0254
CII  Baisden, Christopher 860/258-7861
CLC  Hunter, Jennifer (Alleva) 860/713-2667
CLC  Ketchale, Jodi L 860/713-2668
CLC  Manson, Kia J 860/713-2671
CLC  Marquis, Tammy L 860/713-2669
CME  Gordon, Lincoln D 860/679-1366
CRD  Gaffey, Jennifer S  
CRD  Geremia, Joseph D 860/493-2906
CSL  Calvi, Frank A  
DAS  Lonergan, Michelle 860/713-5146
DAS  Prucker, Dawn 860/713-5480
DCF  Kendall, Lykia M 860/550-6512
DCF  Martelly, Tony 860/550-6481
DCF  Monroe, Tashunda C 860/550-6484
DCF  Napiello, Jennifer 860/550-6484
DCF  Owens, Lisa 860/505-6497
DCF  Romanelli, Lena 203/384-5407
DCF  Straka, Regina 860/550-6416
DCJ  Claus, Susan M 860/258-5800
DCJ  Nurse, Ivette 860/550-6479
DCP  Stearns, Marie 860/713-6041
DDS  Cadenhead, Vivian 860/263-2616
DDS  Gamache, Linda 860/418-6026
DDS  Maccione, Brenda 860/418-6113
DDS  Marziarz, Lauren 860/418-6013
DDS  Ramos, Daimar 860/263-2625
DEP  Checo, Elizibeth 860/424-4156
DEP  Gaber, Lisa A 860/424-3746
DEP  Kinney, Rebecca Mae 860/424-3647
DEP  Rodriguez, Linda 860/424-3157
DHE  Aberasturia, Ram 860/947-1819
DHE  Dao, Huyen M (Winnie) 860/947-1842
DMV  Kosh, Mark 860/263-5025
DMV  Levy, Rachel  
DMV  Rohan, Kimberly 860/263-5087
DOB  Rollo, Lynn M 860/240-8126
DOB  Shirley, Jacqueline 860/702-3071
DOC  Blackmon, Erica 860/692-6845
DOC  Carr, Gabriel 860/692-6862
DOC  Gadrow, Tracie 860/692-7653
DOC  Kennedy, Emily 860/692-6286
DOC  LeFrancois, Lisa M 860/692-7725
DOC  Thompson, Melissa 860/692-6812
DOI  Rivera, Carmen B 860/297-3936
DOL  Hwang, Jiyoon 860/754-5076
DOT  Howe, Nichole 860/594-2287
DOT  Mason, Nicole D 860/594-2138
DOT  Whitehouse, Amy 860/594-2289
DPH  Lyons, Deborah A 860/509-7180
DPH  Moore, Chelsea L  
DPH  Seabrook, Theresa A 860/509-7173
DPS  Duberek, Joseph 860/685-8302
DPS  Duffy, Kathleen M 860/685-8229
DPS  Emanuel, Felicia M 860/685-8200
DPS  Ryan, Frank M 860/685-8440
DPS  Sohl, Elizabeth A 860/685-8440
DRS  Simmons, Susan 860/297-5675
DRS  Sullivan, Kelli L 860/297-5681
DRS  Times, Kim 860/297-5601
DSS  Gilbert, Mike J 860/424-5841
DSS  Shahu, Elert 860/424-5944
DVA  Cella, Anita 860/616-3631
DVA  Chu, Shumei 860/616-3637
DVA  Gioello, Rhode 860/262-6937
DVA  Papacoda, Michael N Jr 860/616-3650
ECD  Bocwinski, Cheryl A 860/500-2308
ECD  Capuccitti, Anthony  
ECD  Woodward, Kathy 860/500-2423
HFA  Bates, Toby  
HFA  Bernier, Lisa M 860/571-4207
JUD  Corriveau, Christopher M 860/706-5287
JUD  Griswold, Luanne 860/706-5246
JUD  McMahon-Russell, Mary 860/706-5228
JUD  Moretto, Lisa A 860/706-5226
JUD  Scully, Mari-Jo 860/706-5257
JUD  Stone, Marissa A 860/706-5284
JUD  Turnbull, Shirley A 860/706-5284
MHA  Baj-Wright, Irena 860/262-5907
MHA  Bushey, Christopher J 860/262-6925
MHA  Ely,Heather, Lewis 203/974-7632
MHA  Ferguson, Sharon C 203/551-7078
MHA  Hecht, Evette 860/262-6748
MHA  McBrien, Nancy 860/262-6772
MHA  Wheeler, Julianne T 860/262-6792
MIL  Morales, Maria 860/548-3238
OAG  Cavanaugh, Susan L 860/808-5323
OAG  Ly, Hy 860/808-5015
OLM  Bartolomeo, Melissa 860/240-0100
OLM  Waters, Beth 860/240-0100
OPM  Beattie, Doug 860/418-6211
OPM  Calloway, Vernieke L 860/418-6274
OPM  Kozak, Carolyn M 860/418-6324
OSC  Bello-Persson, Maty 860/622-2246
OSC  Cosgrove, Steven R 860/702-3693
OSC  Herrington, John W 860/702-3443
OSC  Kurpiewski, Christine E 860/702-3618
OSC  Schlechtweg, Bonnie 860/702-3323
OSC  Soares, Grace 860/702-3322
OTT  Anderson, Sharon D  
OTT  Balfour, Marva 860/702-3140
OTT  Young, Ronnell J  
PCAext 324 Cariseo, Alyce 860/234-2442
PCAext 320 Obert, Susan 860/231-2442
PDS  Baez, Amy 860/509-6413
PDS  Cianci, Kymberly F 860/509-6435
PDS  Lohr, Paula 860/509-6431
PDS  Loo, Jen W 860/509-6434
PDS  Paquette, Michele 860/509-6417
SDE  PARADIS, DEBRA 860/713-6695
SDE  WILSON, INA 860/713-6689
SDR  Provost, Michelle 860/424-4976
SDR  VanNess, Mary 860/424-4983
SDR  Velez, Teresa 860/424-5544
SOS  Tucker, Blanche H 860/509-6166
TRB  Muzumdar, Vaishali V 860/241-8424
UHC  Keegan, Susan M 860/679-8170
UHC  Pittman, Lawrence G  
UOC  Boncoddo, Robert M 860/486-2370
UOC  Greene, Cheryl D 860/424-5655
UOC  Jodoin, Seth 860/486-9558
UOC  Klase, Darleen C 860/424-5587
UOC  Lowe, Ellen 860/486-6915
UOC  Traynor, Jennifer 860/486-9302
WCC  Cunningham, Sandra 860/493-1518

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